5 Tips about Scientology You Can Use Today

I'd also love to see you men bust another person from the Sea Org. Correction: bust ALL Of these out of the Sea Org. Simply because I want them to become free of charge. I come across myself thinking of tv specials and documentaries of kids escaping the FLDS polygamist cults and seeing how they adapt to the skin planet, with guidance from individuals who have been there. I think Sea Org customers need a community like that, a method of getting the information out they’re able to depart, or a secure general public location where by they can go that if they could just reach this one particular unique grocery store or shopping mall or some thing, then someone will appear and have them and get them to a secure house.

Yvonne Gillham-Jentzsch with her then husband, Heber were entertaining The pinnacle from the regional Moonies Business in order to display how maligned ALL alt-religions were being. And to collect to scientology allies.

An extremely going and heart wrenching remaining Time one episode…..to discover Leah break down in tears because she couldn't feel the quantity of support and enjoy she, Mike & Every person else is getting was just this sort of an truthful and open response.

And as often, I am praying for you personally and every one of the folks damage by Scientology. I'm praying for those still stuck in Scientology, including the leading bannana himself.

We all know he has A non-public jet. What type of luxuries are at his disposal? Limos, vehicles, bikes, villas mansions personalized personalized fits (a person that's 5’one would be procuring within the boys department at Macy’s I believe) In any case it doesn’t have to be accurate but I’m just curious to see what he has and what the worth is of each product — an educated guess is all you are able to do I’m certain since you couldn't be actual. Once i see it I’ll imagine the people today in Sea Org feeding on slop.

We wanted to get the opportunity with this past Q and A to answer many of the most frequently questioned questions and air some factors (such as Debbie Prepare dinner testimony and specifics of L. Ron Hubbard) that are not NEW, but haven't been viewed via the audience this exhibit now has.

In regards to LRH as well as the beginnings of pre Scientology, there was an episode of Ghost Adventures not too long ago exactly where Zak B and crew did a lockdown inside of a household in (I think) La in this contact form which somebody was locked in a closet by LRH (once more I'm not a hundred% certain it absolutely was LRH) and others and retained there until finally they were completely mentally forced into complete submission to LRH and/or members.

What a fantastic remark! I, much too, figured out how NOT to respond or speak with or about other’s belief techniques. Of every one of the enlightening facts, that comment strike household and altered my terms and my actions.

To start to be familiar with the state of mind scientologists have about those who criticize any Portion of it, browse this informative article:

Hi Mike and Leah! Thanks for acquiring the large level of courage to battle in your human fellows. I really have to claim that thank God we are during the Conversation Aera hence, we aren't heading to permit One more Campaign nor any sort of Inquisition to happen inside our lifestyle time. If Joan of Arc was the courageous girl that fought for the freedom of her beloved French people, then Leah Remini may be the Joan of Arc of our period, looking why not try here to absolutely free her human race from the thoughts crotrol game titles that David Miscavige ( Similar to a real born psychopath that he apparently is) is torturing people with and you simply Mike, I see you a King David fighting (Scientology Group), Goliath I'm one more person added to all your followers, in this method of eliminating the power through the hands of mentally sick men and women; In such a case David Miscavige certainly Represents an enormous Risk to the protection of our communities and human race generally.

The collection has long been great…loved every single bit of it…season two would be terrific…the series of Escaping polygamy is like in season four…so maybe incorporate Escaping CoS? It’s Odd to examine references by Hubbard to Oak Island & hidden treasure….it’s a series far too!

There are plenty of these below, And that i don’t usually accept them. I had a moment to sprint out a response. I would like you to be aware of this, but other audience who've posted equally considerate and kind responses which i haven’t experienced time to answer (but do read through) — thank you all as well.

Hey OSA, your manager will devote millions trying to keep his ass from jail. Do you truly Consider he presents a damn about you fellas? My advice is operate NOW.

Sure, fantastic thought, given that Visit Your URL Scientology promises that it works with the UN on its Declaration of Human Rights software. I've perused the UN Web page and I locate no validation for these promises .

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